Reciprocal Links Checker

Reciprocal Links Checker Spiders Entire Websites

Reciprocal Links Trek Pro is a reciprocal links checker and gives the user the ability to "spider" entire websites to find and verify links. Spidering of a website works by extracting all the links from the website, going through each one, page by page. The program is different from other similar programs on the market.

When you first use the software, simply enter your website, the websites that are linking back to you and the number of links that you expect there should be on each website. It's just that simple, the software will do the rest!

Most links checking software programs require that you know the exact web address or URL where your link is located on a website. The obvious problem with this is, remote websites change URL addresses all the time. Next thing you know, your link has been moved and is on a completely different page! Now you have to turn around and do a manual search of the entire website!

Why play the guessing game with sites who tell you that they are more than happy to exchange links with you and your website. The only problem with many site owners is that six months later you look for your reciprocal link and yep, it's gone!

Give Reciprocal Links Trek Pro a try for free. Download the free demo below and find out for yourself who really is linking back to your website!

Operating Systems

Windows: 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

(Only *$9.95 for a single license*)