Password Saving Software

Password Saving Software + Password Generator

Looking for a password saving software program that's easy to use, yet powerful? Then, Password Security Guard is what you need. It gives you great protection and has many various features. If you are looking for an easy to use password saving software program, with many various options, then download yourself a free demo copy today!

The program isn's like other password managers out there either! Why, even if your hard drive crashes or for whatever reason you have to re-install the Windows, Password Security Guard can restore all of your saved passwords, Id's and Url's. It's as if nothing ever happened, everything stored is restored.

What you do when restoring your private information, is back up a single tiny file, the data.enc file. You can find the file inside the programs folder where Password Security Guard was installed. When you reinstall the program onto another computer, just drag and drop the data.enc file back into the programs folder and all information, is completely restored. You can even use your original master password to open the program again, even if you re-installed the software on another or brand new computer.

Please Note: I have only tried this little trick of restoring your passwords, ID's, Url's, etc up to Windows 8.

Don't take a chance, download yourself a copy of Password Security Guard today! See for yourself just how easy it is to use, yet offers many other various powerful options that keeps your information safe!

Free Password Generator

You will also get a free password generator when you purchase Password Security Guard as a bonus. This little program creates really secure passwords with a single click of the mouse. Trust me, using secure passwords is very important and many folks just don't know or realize the need to use secure passwords, especially on banking websites. Once you start using Password Generator, you will know that all of your passwords are safe and secure! Using it, along with Password Security Guard to store and protect your information, is all you will ever need when it comes to passwords and password protection.

Operating Systems

Windows: 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

(Only *$9.95 for a single license*)