Monitoring Your Kids Online

Monitoring Your Kids Online Activity

Start Monitoring your kids online activity with the award winning computer spy software, Eye Spy Pro. It is easy and very effective! The program is top of the line as for computer monitoring software for your PC. Not only is this program at the top and simple to use, it's also very user friendly. If you can click your mouse a couple of times, then you can start monitoring your computer instantly! The program stays hidden in the background recording, taking screenshots, etc. has given Eye Spy Pro high marks, stating that the program is the best among the best and most promising in its class. Upgrades over the years has made the program compatible with most all Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 10. Read what others are saying about Eye Spy Pro and its promising future.
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Catch a cheating spouse, keep up with your children online, monitor employees and more! Before you pay an arm and a leg for computer monitoring software, check out Eye Spy Pro! You will also like its price tag, only $14.95. This includes a second license for an extra computer, free!

A very important and unique feature that makes this program different from many others is its "Playback Mode"  feature. It's kinda like a VCR when you click the play button, everything recorded is played back and revealed right before your eyes as it happened. With all of Eye Spy Pro's various options, you'll be able see every program that gets opened, website visited, screenshots of visited url's, captured keystokes and many more options.

Take a look at just some of the things that you can do with this software. Read chat conversations, read emails, capture website screenshots (Zoom option gives you full screen view), capture keystokes, capture programs used, capture websites in Internet Explorer, capture screenshots, encrypted log files, secretly email log files, keep the program hidden and in Stealth mode, running silently in the background at startup and even more options!

  • Capture Chat Conversations
  • Read Emails Viewing Screenshots or Keystrokes
  • View Website Screenshots with Zoom Option
  • Capture Keystokes
  • View Chat Conversations Using The Mini Browser/Screenshot Option
  • Capture Website Screenshots
  • Capture Programs Used/View Programs Used
  • Email Encrypted Log Files
  • Capture Screenshots at 60 second or more intervals
  • Encrypted Log Files
  • Secretly Email Log Files
  • Invisible Stealth Mode
  • Unique Playback Mode lets you view captured keystrokes/programs/webpages/screenshots in Real Time
  • Run silently at Startup
  • Auto-capture at Startup
  • Built-in Scheduler
  • Second license for extra PC Free
  • Discount on additional licenses
  • Program Support through Email

If you have ever had concerns about what your kids are doing online, then why take chances. Maybe you suspect that your spouse is having an online romance, then put your thoughts to bed now. Hopefully you don't have this problem but, don't think it can't happen to you either!

Download your free demo and find out just exactly what people are doing on your computer while you are away. Be prepared, you might just wind up being shocked at how your computer is being used.

Operating Systems

Windows: 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

(Only *$14.95 for a Single License + Bonus 2nd License Free*)